If your dam is dirty or muddy, it might be a good idea to floc it. But before you go diving in with a big old jug of flocculant, you’ll need to work out what kind of suspended particles are actually causing your issues.

If your dam is cloudy, there is a possibility that you have a collection of random organic particles floating in your water column. This can generally be cleaned up with a biological treatment. If it is very clearly muddy, however, it’s time to turn to an alum based flocculant. While there are many options for flocculant on the market, we have found that alum based products are the safest for your aquatic ecosystem.


Clearwater Flocculant

Clearwater Flocculant is used for clearing muddy water and binding rogue particles within the water body, this assists in improving clarity.
This product is available in both standard and premium blends.

Biostim Liquid

Biostim Liquid causes micro flocs of suspended organic particles and reduces the nutrient levels in your water body. This treatment has a low dose rate and is completely safe for your fish and other aquatic life​.​​