Cleaning Agents


Cleaning organic matter out of your pond or dam is important not just for the appearance of your water body, but also for the health of your aquatic ecosystem. Organic matter produces nutrients, and when your nutrient load is excessive, you can see a whole host of issues arise.

The cleaning agents in our range are designed to help clear up scum and organic matter build up, as well as remove the rotting matter that is left behind when something organic dies. They have also been specifically designed to leave behind minimal traces and remove organic matter with the least disruption to your ecosystem as possible.


Algae Lift Granular

Algae Lift Granular is the perfect topical water treatment for filamentous algae. Featuring a super low dose rate and the capacity to support your water body’s natural algae fighting abilities.

Algae Lift Tablets

Algae Lift Tablets are a great water treatment for dealing with submerged algae. They have a low dose rate, are great for spot treatments and support your water body’s natural ability to fight off algae.

Biostim Accelerator

Formerly known as Biostim FB this treatment is specially formulated for water with filamentous problems.
Biostim Accelerator biologically degrades dead rotting material, supports your water body’s beneficial micro-organisms and polishes water by digesting dead organics. The treatment is easy to apply and further benefits your ecosystem by reducing nutrients that can lead to algae and/or sludge. Biostim Accelerator also functions as a great booster for the other products in the Biostim range and effectively cleans up the mess left behind from algaecides or herbicides.