Biological Treatments


When we were first starting out, we noticed that many of the options on the market were chemical based. While this type of treatment can be effective, it can also be quite harmful to your water, aquatic life and even the surrounding environment.

So we did our research on how best to clear up issues without resorting to dumping poison in the water – and biological water treatments were the clear winner.

Biological treatments are essentially beneficial bacteria and additional natural ingredients that enhance them. Thanks to this, they are 100% fish friendly and aquatic life safe as well as safe for use in any water body and fully biodegradable.

You can even continue to use your water for irrigation and watering livestock following treatment!


WaterTreats Biological Treatments Are A Mix Of:

  • A Unique Blend of Bacteria
  • Probiotics
  • Amino Acids, Trace Minerals, etc.
  • Enzymes, Vitamins, etc.
  • Natural Stimulants

The bacteria within WaterTreats biological treatments are considered Class One Micro-Organisms. This means that they have never been identified as causative agents of disease in man and pose no threat to the environment.

Biostim Pellets

Perfect for dealing with sludge and cleaning up the damage from other imbalances in your ecosystem, this highly concentrated treatment can help improve your overall water quality and remove any floating nasties from your lake or dam.

Biostim Liquid

Our Biostim Liquid causes micro flocs of suspended organic particles and reduces the nutrient levels in your water body. This treatment has a low dose rate and is completely safe for your fish and other aquatic life​.​​

Biostim Nitrifying Bacteria

Nitrifying bacteria designed to boost your water quality and biological filtration. These little guys will help keep your aquatic ecosystem in tip top shape and have a super low dose rate.
Please Note: Nitrifying Bacteria need to be kept in the fridge until they are ready to join your aquatic community.

Biostim Powder

Great for spot treating or full dosing, this treatment will support your water body’s natural ability to fight off attacks from algae and other unwanted invaders, all while polishing your water and improving the overall health of your ecosystem.

Biostim Acclerator

Formerly known as Biostim FB this treatment is specially formulated for water with filamentous problems.
Biostim Accelerator biologically degrades dead rotting material, supports your water body’s beneficial micro-organisms and polishes water by digesting dead organics. The treatment is easy to apply and further benefits your ecosystem by reducing nutrients that can lead to algae and/or sludge. Biostim Accelerator also functions as a great booster for the other products in the Biostim range and effectively cleans up the mess left behind from algaecides or herbicides.