The WaterTreats Story


Here at WaterTreats, our aim is to work with our natural ecosystems, rather than against them. We want you to be able to have the happiest, healthiest water body, without having to worry about side effects from the products you’re using.

When we treat water holistically, we balance the ecosystem and restore health to the water without endangering your fishy friends or desired aquatic plants. This makes keeping things nice a whole lot easier and takes away the risk factors that come with messing with your water through less natural means.

So, we put our money where our mouth is and launched the Biostim range.

Then we created a whole collection of supporting products including aerators, accessories, and cleaning products.

And now we’ve got a catalogue strong enough to provide complete solutions that will boost your water quality naturally.

Now, biological treatments and supporting aerators will always be at the heart of our offerings because they can’t do harm. We love how effective they are and the fact that you can fix so many things with something that can’t hurt anything.

But we also understand that sometimes you need a little extra fire power. That’s why we’ve also created some products with a bit more bite.

Obviously the use of these products do pose a bit more risk than our core offerings, we wanted to make sure that there were options on the market that were as friendly as possible for other inhabitants of your water.

So that’s our story. Now we want to hear about yours. If you’ve got some dam problems, shoot us an email to and we’ll hook you up with one of our specialist friends and get you sorted!