Treating irrigation dams presents a unique challenge as water is constantly being pumped from the water body to irrigate crops and fields.

Treatments that work within the water column can still be effective at improving water quality, but you’ll often need to up your dosage rate and pause irrigation activities for at least 24 hours after dosing if you want to see good results.

That’s where Biostim Pellets come in.

This chook pellet like treatment has been designed to sink to the base of your dam and work within the sludge layers. Not only does this make Biostim Pellets the most effective treatment for dealing with sludge, silt and other organic build up on the bottom of your dam, it also means that they will not be swept out of your water body during irrigation activities which means there is no need for a withholding period and you’ll still see great results no matter how much water you pump out of your dam.

The video below was posted on the Dam Aussie Ponds YouTube channel and further explores the benefits that Biostim Pellets can offer your irrigation dam: