The Biostim Range is a selection of biological treatments that are 100% fish friendly and aquatic life safe when correctly applied. Crafted from a unique blend of beneficial bacteria mixed with vitamins, micro-nutrients and some special boosters, these treatments can greatly improve your general water quality while also reducing the severity and frequency of issues.

The basic idea behind this type of treatment is that the bacteria out-compete less desirable micro-organisms and other nasties for available nutrients and break down sludge while also working with the other components to carry out tasks such as clarifying and polishing your water, reducing levels of nitrogen and phosphorus and removing odours and their cause. While these objectives are often achieved with dangerous chemicals, we are proud of the fact that all ingredients within Biostim products are considered Class One Micro-Organisms, meaning they have never been identified as causative agents of disease in man and pose no threat to the environment.

Bacteria are everywhere, they’re on our skin, the device you’re reading this on, in your home, etc. and they’re an integral part of any ecosystem. We know that people often shy away from them as they generally have rather negative connotations, but like everything else in this world, there’s two sides to every coin and bacteria can be both good and bad, depending on what little guys you’ve got floating around. This is part of the reason why we have chosen this formulation for our treatments, as not only will they assist in dealing with issues such as sludge and algae, they can also help reduce the amount of bad bacteria within your water body via the consumption of excess nutrients and balancing of the ecosystem. Please be assured that our biological treatments will only ever balance a system, as our bacteria cannot out-compete your fish, so this is not an issue that you need to concern yourself with when utilising the Biostim range.

It is also important to note that because all ingredients are considered Class One, any livestock drinking the water, or humans fishing or swimming in it, won’t face any negative impacts from being exposed to the treatment.

Users should be aware that while all products in the range can be used for spot treatments or to treat entire water bodies for multiple problems, each individual product has been formulated to be particularly suited to dealing with a specific set of issues. This means that although your biological augmentation process will still be effective, using the ‘wrong’ product for your situation can lead to a reduction in results. If you are unsure which Biostim treatment is best for your circumstances, please get in contact with one of our wonderful stockists to discuss your options and create a personally tailored plan with the optimal product, treatment cycle, and dosage rate for your water body.